R.T. Beers has been our insurance and risk management advisor for several years. After implementing a new Safety Program and training our supervisors we have reduced the frequency of workplace injuries. In addition their focus on claims management has reduced our Experience Modification and insurance cost.

Pat Thomas
President, Pacific Transformer

Everyone wants to sell us insurance. You are the first broker who has actually added value to our company.

Gary Stein
President, Triple-S Steel Holdings

Prior to our relationship with R.T. Beers we used large National Brokers for our Property, Liability and Workers Compensation insurance placement. While they provided insurance quotes each year as all brokers have done in the past 30 years for our company, R.T. Beers has come in and has acted as a true partner and has effectively, based on our needs, restructured our insurance program in addition to providing detailed loss control and unmatched claims support. Primary Color has not only gained a trusted partner with R.T. Beers, but in addition has realized significant cost reductions and better asset protection.

Vincent Randazzo
CEO, Primary Color Systems

We were referred to R.T. Beers and thru their exclusive Risk Architect™ Process they designed an insurance program for our large recycling business, while saving in excess of $100,000 in premium. In addition they conducted a “Roll-out” workshop using their Fleet Management Program, enabling us to be better managers of truck fleet. They have a team of extremely knowledgeable insurance professionals who are always available to handle our insurance needs.

Steve Sutta
President, Green Planet 21, Inc.

R.T. Beers is a new breed of Broker. Their “Beyond Insurance Process” is unique and of real value to our organization. Our insurance coverages are tailored, the service is outstanding, and through their expertise and insurance carrier knowledge we were successful in getting two liability claims paid.

Joe De Marco
President, R.J. Acquisitions Corp.

R.T. Beers has been a terrific partner over the years. Their insurance coverage design is well thought out and their strong marketing presence enables us to get cost effective insurance coverage. In addition, their Leadership Program for Supervisors™ and Workers Compensation Advocacy have helped us lower our Experience Modification to uncharted levels.

Peggy Thomas
Chief Financial Officer, Craftech Corporation

R.T. Beers has been our workers compensation broker since 2002. From the onset of our relationship, their firm has taken a leadership role in our safety program thru active participation on our Environment of Care Committee. Currently, they are spearheading a Strain & Sprain Initiative and Patient Handling Program. We have seen our Workers Compensation Experience Modification go from a high of 157%, down to 90%. We are also pleased to note that our OSHA reportable claims are 38% lower than the National Average.

Gary Wilde
President and CEO, Community Memorial Health System

Our company had used the same broker for years and while we were not unhappy, R.T. Beers was able to show us a better way to lower our Total Cost Of Risk. In four years our Workers Compensation Experience Modification went from 161% to 85%, saving us in excess of $1,500,000 in premium cost. Their Behavior Base Management System and Leadership Program for Supervisors™ have helped shape the safety culture at our company.

Eric Steinhauer
President, Industrial Metal Supply

You are simply the most professional insurance broker we have ever dealt with. Your outstanding service, workers compensation claims advocacy, and strong insurance carrier relationships have brought true value to our insurance program.

Burt Slutske
President, Century Shower Door

We have maintained a strong 6-year relationship with John Lavey and his professional staff at R.T. Beers. John’s insurance knowledge and skill set have proven to be invaluable to us and we consider him part of our management team. He has assisted us on many occasions in addressing the insurance needs of our three unique business divisions.

Ron McGuff
President, McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc