Our Approach

We help you reduce risk, not just purchase insurance!  The Beyond Insurance® approach is a four-step process used by Beers to identify, understand, implement, and monitor risk management strategies for your business. This is how we get to know your business and help you “Rise Above Risk”.

This is our secret sauce.


During this crucial initial phase, we invest the time to understand every facet of your business in order to help you and your team identify the risks that face your business. By evaluating the effectiveness of risk management programs, practices, and resources under real-world conditions, we assure that your assets receive precisely the right type of protection.

Once we have developed a thorough understanding of your business, including your industry, corporate culture, and operating procedures, we move beyond insurance, exploring a spectrum of proven alternative strategies to minimize risk and reduce insurance costs.

During the implementation process, we put in place specially tailored programs and strategies designed to protect your assets while reducing insurance costs. A strong belief in our process motivates underwriters to offer much lower insurance costs on your behalf.

You and your business are dynamic – what works for you today might not work as well tomorrow. For this reason, we continue to monitor and adjust your risk management programs to ensure a perfect fit as your business evolves and changes.

Additional Prevention Programs

“It only took one year to realize we made the right decision in moving our insurance program to R.T. Beers. Thru their Behavior Based Management System and Leadership Program for Supervisors™, our Workers Compensation Experience Modification went from a high of 150% to 80%, saving our company in excess of $500,000 in premium costs over several years.”

Our additional prevention programs will put you leaps-and-bounds ahead of your competitors safety program.

Behavior Based Management System: Independent studies show that 92 percent of workplace accidents happen because of unsafe acts, not a lack of job-specific training or faulty equipment. For many companies, workers compensation is a major expense. At R.T. Beers, we look at it as a variable expense and an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. We’ve worked hand in hand with key clients, using their operations as test sites to build a “top down management system” that integrates management responsibilities and accountability with “supervisor tools” to make “floor leaders” effective coaches and motivators of safe behavior.

Leadership Program for Supervisors™: Managed behavior lowers risk. Proper leadership manages behavior. With most supervisors promoted from within the hourly ranks without any managerial training, there’s common counterproductive behaviors, such as a tendency to focus on “problem” employees or view safety programs as tasks and not tools, our workshops teach supervisors how to manage and succeed on the floor and, in turn, add value and growth to the bottom line. Through situational role-playing and exercises, supervisors gain added-value tools, not tasks, and realize that success comes from focusing on the best performers.

Workers Compensation Claims Advocacy:  Did you know that the majority of unfavorable outcomes in workers compensation claims are a result of poor claims management? R.T. Beers manages claims and monitors what the adjuster does from beginning to end. Compensability and reserve evaluation, frequent contact regarding specific action plans and alternative handling strategies, monthly and quarterly claim reports, return-to-work and case management assistance and claim training for HR personnel are all part of our program. We have the dual role of client advocate and claims adjuster resource. This results in better outcomes.

Traffic Manager Safe Driver Program: Many companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors are tasked with the huge and often complex responsibility of managing a fleet of trucks, which can significantly fuel Total Cost of Risk. To assist those responsible for such fleets, and to aid in lowering risk, we offer a comprehensive program that covers Driver Hiring, Selection, and MVR Monitoring; Driver Training; Drug & Alcohol Compliance; Fleet Equipment Management; Regulatory Required Procedures; and Sub-contracted Third-party Carrier Agreements.

Risk Assumption/Risk Transfer Contract Review: You may already be familiar with the inherent risks in contracting with third-party service providers, raw material/product suppliers and/or personnel. What you may not know is that, oftentimes, a Certificate of Insurance is insufficient coverage and leaves you vulnerable to unidentified risk. While larger corporations have in-house legal manpower to work out appropriate third-party contracts through Hold Harmless/Indemnification, most do not. To address this disparity, we offer sample wording to transfer risk for your attorney to review.

Certificate/Additional Insured Monitoring System: R.T. Beers understands the challenge of obtaining the paperwork for Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insured Documentation. To lessen the burden, we tailor a system to track outbound requests for and inbound receipts of Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insured Endorsements. This allows for less hassle, fewer headaches and, ultimately, a reduction in your Total Cost of Risk that can otherwise come from faulty paperwork.

How can we help you?

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R.T. Beers has been our insurance and risk management advisor for several years. After implementing a new Safety Program and training our supervisors we have reduced the frequency of workplace injuries. In addition their focus on claims management has reduced our Experience Modification and insurance cost.

Pat Thomas
President, Pacific Transformer