Company Overview

At R.T. Beers & Company, we know that being the best isn’t about being the biggest. It hasn’t taken an intricate 14-tier org chart to create our unprecedented track record of success. We help clients identify and mitigate risk by utilizing a very simple tool: information. Using the Beyond Insurance™ process, we help our clients recognize potential gaps in coverage and reduce drivers of insurance costs. While most insurance brokers have grown through tumultuous mergers and acquisitions, our growth has been seamless, organic, one client—and one success—at a time. Today we have more than 400 clients throughout the United States, from “start-ups” to long-established billion-dollar corporations, whose needs range from a simple broker insurance transaction to our highly complex Total Cost of Risk process. R.T. Beers provides a level of service, experience and knowledge that greatly surpasses that of a traditional broker, because when we identify risk ahead of time it’s easier to help you rise above it.

Our Vision

Because our firm is based in the city of Long Beach, some may say our energy is fueled by Southern California sunshine. We won’t argue with that. But along with our daily dosage of Vitamin D, our enthusiasm rallies around the Beyond Insurance™ process, an in-depth, interactive approach to identifying insurable risks, hazards and exposures that often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

How a company chooses to deal with Risk often determines its impact on the income statement and balance sheet. When was the last time an insurance broker talked with you about increasing your profits and protecting your assets, while helping you understand the risks and exposures associated with your business? We do all the time. At R.T. Beers, we go well beyond off-the-shelf formulas and applying band-aids, by specializing in assessing your Total Cost of Risk. Following our deep-drill Beyond Insurance™ assessment process and detailed recommendations, we then rely on the well-nurtured, comprehensive roster of quality carriers, who share our vision of proactive, personalized and prevention-driven solutions. That approach carries over in a variety of proprietary programs, including our Behavior Based Management System, Leadership Program for Supervisors™, Workers Compensation Claims Advocacy, Traffic Manager Safe Driver Program, and Risk Assumption/Risk Transfer Contract Review, which further reduces risk and premiums and, in turn, adds value—some call it “spreading a little sunshine”—to our client’s business and reputation.

How can we help you?

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R.T. Beers has been our insurance and risk management advisor for several years. After implementing a new Safety Program and training our supervisors we have reduced the frequency of workplace injuries. In addition their focus on claims management has reduced our Experience Modification and insurance cost.

Pat Thomas
President, Pacific Transformer